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Chess is the most popular two player board game. It is played by millions of people worldwide and has acquired a high reputation. Though it is old, but it is so esteemed that it is often used as a point of legitimacy for other things.Online Chess Lessons for kids in USA is the best way to start learning chess. It is a means to discipline the mind because it requires a strong memory power. 

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You are at the proven path to success with the revealing of exact skills and insights that will take you to the professional level in Chess – and the chess secrets anyone could wish for ! In the United States, a major scholastic effort is underway to incorporate chess into the elementary school setting by the USCF, the US Chess Trust, the AFC and thousands of teachers and volunteers. It is not difficult to pick up chess and to master in it, but becoming the best at it gets you called a prodigy.

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Chess is the ultimate process of evaluation where the strength of one’s position is assessed. According to the Mathematicians estimate, there is a myriad of possible unique games of chess playable. As a result of this, Online Chess Lessons for kids in USA will never become monotonous or a repetition of previously played moves.
Chess is dramatic, intensive and a largely balanced game. One of the most important goals of education is to teach children to think critically and to make reasoned judgments. Online Chess lessons for Kids is an excellent tool to demonstrate critical thinking. During a game, a player must formulate a plan of attack or defense. It is also proven that playing chess improves social habits of students. It allows students of different backgrounds to integrate with others.

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The best chess players have turned out to be those who have a gut feeling or a strong intuition for the correct move. This can serve as a useful tool in education. Intuition is generally not emphasized much in educational terms but it can function as a very useful tool in both problem solving and real life applications when the steps to solve a problem are not easily apparent.

“After a bad opening, there is hope for the middle game. After a bad middle game, there is hope for the endgame.” – Edmar Mednis

There are three phases of the game :

The Opening, The Middle game and The Endgame. 

Similarly, Life also has similar phases of student life, work life and retirement. 

A good opening play leads to better middle game positions and good middle game play can lead to a favourable endgame position. Each and Every phase of chess activity and of life is essential. Online Chess lessons for kids creates a positive mindset which can help them perform the best. We need to make the most of each phase and also not get discouraged if some phase does not turn out good. We can make the next phase good. Such a positive attitude is needed in life to be able to do our best in adverse situations.