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How it works

Online Chess Coaching means a planned training program, study material and analysis of games. Students from 16 countries benefit from online chess lessons and they win in different levels of tournaments in their countries.

Chess Lessons

Improve your skills in different areas of the game. Online chess lessons are designed by Professional Coaches. These are examples from games played by chess masters. Keep checking for regular updates and keep learning.

“All that matters on the chess board is good moves.”
– Bobby Fischer

Training Program




About Chess Trainer

Chess Trainer’s innovative Online training programs help you learn fast and become a better player. This result is measurable from higher rating and your performance in tournaments. Training programs have been carefully designed for different playing levels from beginners to advanced level. FIDE Instructor Dhanesh Shrikhande has been coaching players from clubs, schools and universities from different countries since 1991. His students have won numerous prizes in local, national level and international tournaments in different countries.


  • Learn from your home. This saves a lot of time.
  • Learn from a Chess Trainer’s Professional Coach Certified by the World Chess Federation.
  • Get online homework between training sessions to make sure you work on your own.
  • Online Payment makes it very convenient.
  • Analysis of games helps you improve after each game.

FIDE Instructor

Dhanesh-ShrikhandeDhanesh Shrikhande
The founder and owner of Chess Trainer™
He started his coaching career in 1991.
He has trained 3000+ students across the globe.


Coach Dhanesh was very helpful in achieving progress in all areas of game. I managed to win prizes in local tournaments and enjoy the game.

Chess Trainer is able to teach chess on a level that kids understand and can hold their attention. Jeremy’s play improves with each lesson.

Online coaching has helped me a lot. It is a sort of fun and my coach Dhanesh is always full of ideas. I don’t think I would want anyone else to be my chess coach.

Dhanesh is a dedicated chess teacher who is certain to improve your game. He has students all over the world.

Chess Trainer™ is Recommended by Professional Players