The first step to becoming a world-class chess player begins with joining best online chess training courses. Our online training courses will be under the guidance of an internationally acclaimed chess trainer.

Get excellent instructions from Mr. Dhanesh Shrikhande (FIDE Instructor). Our mentor will help you achieve greatness with your excellent step towards selecting online courses.

Chess is all about the game of mind and move, which can be easily understood with our support. According to Winston Churchill, “The empire of the future is the empire of the mind.”

The quote clearly explains the world of chess and its fundamental nature of workings. Next, our mentor will guide you through the process of using the infinite power of the mind.

Proper technique to use the mind to place the right move will lead to victory. But, most importantly, every chess game requires one to be passionate, attentive, and patient.

Our minds need to be productive, sharp, active, and conscious every time. Our expert coaches will provide proper training to help you be mindful and confident.

This will enable you to be an expert in chess and the game of life. Our courses are offered towards the global background.

We provide our service starting from beginner to the advanced level for teaching the complete fundamentals of chess. Learn all the great moves and tactical tricks along with glorious gambits to embrace the chess functionality.

Our mentor will make sure to help you embrace all the updated techniques used around the world. We train students worldwide, such as Australia, Singapore, USA, UK, India, New Zealand, UAE, etc.

We have an excellent history of our students winning international and national levels in chess. But, most importantly, they are positive feedback pushing us forward to be the best chess trainer in the world.

Our experts have experience for more than three decades in this field. He offers chess lessons that enable the students to understand clearly.


Lesson Plan

By sharing a chess board online and with a voice/video chat during training sessions, the coach shows examples from games played by masters based on different themes. A student gets enough time to think and try his/her ideas with the coach. Lessons are carefully planned for different areas of the game like opening repertoire, calculation, evaluation of the position, planning and endings.

Study Material

Each student receives material for homework that helps him/her learn faster. Some of these are pdf files and html pages. This also includes lessons that can be studied on our website by playing thru the moves. These lessons give additional examples of the themes or ideas learned in the sessions.

Practice Games

During a friendly game with another player, coach helps the student by suggesting moves and explaining ideas. Sometimes a student plays the game on his/her own and after the game is over, the coach helps him/her analyze the whole game move by move.

Analysis of Tournament games

After a student comes back from a tournament, the games are analyzed by the coach in the next session. Based on this analysis, coach gives suggestions on how to work further to get better results in the next tournaments.

Feedback and Suggestions

The coach sends regular feedback and reports. These include training program, report of student’s performance during sessions and suggestions for improvements.

Duration and Fees

The classes run one hour each for every student. The cost of training is $ 15 USD per session. Payments can be made online thru credit card, debit card or paypal. Students normally have 4 to 8 training sessions per month. We also offer a flexible schedule suitable for adults who travel frequently.

Countries we teach in


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