A student can have a class on Windows Laptop, Mac, iPad, Tablet or mobile. So you can attend the class even while travelling.

Yes, all training sessions are 1:1 lessons and a coach spends a dedicated full hour for each student.

This is real time coaching with a direct interaction between coach and student. They have a voice/video call and they also share a chess board online. This is like a coach coming to your place and giving a private 1:1 lesson.

We make each session instructive as well as interesting by combining lessons on tactics/calculation, Master Games from Best Games Series, Important Endgames, Planning and Strategy and other areas of the game. Sometimes a live game! A coach sometimes plays against the student as a practice partner and we also spend time on analysis of student’s games.

Yes, we provide regular homework. We send material by email and you also get access to students’ area on our website. You will find a lot of lessons that you can study online. These lessons are designed in such a way that they are just enough to keep our students challenged. They won’t be burdensome.

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