Chess Tips to Help You Win Chess Games

At this point, you may have learned some basic moves of chess and may even
have played a bunch of games, but chess is a game that is played with mind.
Keeping some tricks up your sleeves can surely help you crush your opponent.
Hope these professional chess tips can help you win the game:
Don’t focus on one piece too much
While you are busy moving a single piece, your opponent must have moved
several pieces much faster. The general rule of thumb for moving pieces is to
“move one and MOVE ON”. Meaning, move one piece at a time and moving on to
the next piece. Although there will be a time when you have to move a piece to
save it from your opponent, until that happens, you must stick to this basic
Castle early
Keeping your king in a safe position remains one of the essential parts of the
game. Therefore, you must castle your king as soon as possible. In this way, your
king moves away from the centre, allowing your rooks to move to the centre
It is safer to castle on the same side as your opponent while decreasing your
opponent’s chances of attacking your king. Alternatively, you can delay castling
and wait for your opponent to castle in special cases. Then you can castle your
king on the opposite side and launch an attack.
Don’t move your queen early
Moving the queen early is not a great idea. Some players may move their queen
too early for creating a mating threat, but these threats are hardly real. When
someone moves their queen, they are actually losing several tempos as they have
to spend an additional turn to bring the queen back to her safe square.

Understand the pawn structure well
Unlike other chess pieces, pawns have more limitations on mobility. Therefore,
understanding pawn structures are important as their position can affect the
middle game and endgame. Learning pawn structures not only help you choose
openings but also help you when your opponent choose an unfamiliar opening.
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