Online Chess Classes for kids in Singapore

Learn chess through interactive Online Chess Classes for kids in Singapore by the FIDE instructor Dhanesh Shrikhande. Training programs for all playing levels and different age.

Dhanesh Shrikhande completed his first certification in a Seminar for Coaches which was recognized by The World Chess Federation (FIDE)  organized by Singapore Chess Federation. He has coached teams of students for ‘GACC 2001’ at Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Abu Dhabi International Tournament 2005 and Asian Schools Chess Championships 2005 and 2006, held at Singapore.

Chess Training in Singapore

Chess, one of the widely-known sports is a wonderful game many parents forget to consider when it comes to intellectual development of a child. Not only can online chess classes for kids in Singapore be great fun but it can also be extremely beneficial to the children. Online Chess training in Singapore improves critical thinking skills that can be applied to a huge variety of real-life situations. Learning chess is easy and can be played anywhere in the world.

Best Chess coach in Singapore|Chess coaching classes for beginners

Playing chess is the best sport to exercise a child’s brain in their formative years. It can never be too early for a child to learn how to play chess. Online Chess Classes for kids in Singapore is becoming increasingly popular and many schools in Singapore are now a days incorporating chess training into daily learning to help children develop critical thinking skills, reasoning and even increase student IQ level. Research has shown that learning chess lessons for kids boosts problem-solving skills, sportsmanship, self-esteem making the kids more confident and better decision makers.

Online Chess training program for beginners not only enhances good thinking skills and improves concentration, but it also teaches children to take responsibility and make life decisions in any critical situation. Let’s take a look at how Online chess classes for kids in Singapore can foster intellectual development and improve thinking skills in children.